1. Magic in black 3P curler set

This set includes 3P clip-free interchangeable tourmaline-infused, ceramic barrels. Ready to use in seconds, the temperature remains consistent, allowing you to work quickly while achieving perfect results. Curls are smooth and last for days with no hair spray, while the tourmaline increases the negative ion output so curls are shiny and frizz-free. Complete with a heat resistant glove, far infrared heat ensures gentle styling, and the interchangeable barrels create tight, medium, V-line, or large curls.

Watch the video to see how to curl your hair using this curler set

Click here to download the user instruction manual

2. Golden treasure 3P curler set

The exclusive luxurious gold Luxury Curler – 3P Curler kit. The Luxury Curler is our new, top of the line curler made of 100% Titanium that allows frizz free long lasting curls with an unbeatable shine and five different interchangeable barrels. This set is most suitable for those who have very silky straight or hard to curl hair. The whole set includes a heat protectant glove.

Watch the video to see how to curl your hair using a clip free curling iron

Click here to download the user instruction manual


3. Digital hair straightener brush

D hairstore digital hair straightener brush considered the new generation of hair straighteners, easier to use than a flat iron and heat up to 450F while emitting negative ions in order to straighten hair in 8 to 10 seconds. They have a triple action system: they detangle, straighten and increase natural hair shine. They seal the hair cuticle reducing frizziness and increasing hair manageability.

To see how to straighten your hair using this magic brush, please watch the video 

click here to download the user instruction manual


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