To redeem your coupon code, simply enter the coupon code at checkout and click on the "apply coupon" button. Please see the sample checkout photo below:

The discount should apply to your cart immediately (if code is valid and correctly applied). The amount displayed on your cart is the amount you will be billed. If your cart does not reflect the discount at the time of checkout, please check the code and make sure you are entering it correctly, then attempt to reapply your coupon code. If you are not able to use your coupon code and need help, please email to info@dhairstore.com

Please read the following information about Coupon Rules of Use.

All orders are subject to the Rules of Use by Issuer & the Rules of Use by D hairstore.


RULE # 1
Only 1 Discount can be applied per order: You can apply ONLY (1 Voucher) or (1 Promotional Code) or (1 Sale Price) or (1 Bundle Package Price) PER ORDER

RULE # 2
All Promotions and Sales are subject to change AT ANY TIME & WITHOUT NOTICE. The discount a coupon gives you can change at any time and for any reason; we are not required to honor any promotion.

RULE # 3
Promotions are only valid while supplies last, and may not be honored even if promotion has not expired

RULE # 4
Typographical Errors or misprints on Coupons/ Promotions will not be honored

RULE # 5
Deliberate misuse of Coupon or Voucher Codes will result in your order being cancelled.
RULE # 6
Discounts or Promotional Pricing may not be applied to replacement or exchange items.

RULE # 7
The paid portion of a voucher is considered a discount and is not considered store credit. You may NOT apply the paid portion of your voucher to an order that already has another discount applied.


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